Underfloor Heating

Delightfully warm and inviting, you might think underfloor heating is a luxury, but it’s actually the most effective and economical way to heat a space.

Not only does it offer wonderfully warm floors (no slippers required!), it also delivers an evenly distributed temperature – radiating upwards from the floor to give all-over coverage and eliminate cold spots.

What’s more, because underfloor heating uses a lower temperature than standard radiators, you can reduce your heating costs by an average of 10%, while individual thermostats offer you precise control.

Another major benefit of underfloor heating is enhanced aesthetics and greater freedom for interior design – no more ugly radiators ruining your feature wallpaper or preventing you from positioning furniture where you want to. For those with young children, it also offers the peace of mind that no little fingers will get burnt.

If you’re worried about the disruption of having underfloor heating installed, don’t be. You don’t have to dig up the whole floor anymore, there are a number of installation options to suit your needs, including a floating floor method, built on top of your existing floor. Call us to discuss the best option for you and to get an estimate of running costs.

Underfloor Heating Installation Methods (Pictured L-R)

Floating floor system: this is the most universal system which can be fitted over any existing timber or solid floor
Timber Joist system: pipe held in place by an aluminium plate which distributes heat to the underside of floor boards, normally fitted to new builds and extensions
Screed floor system: generally fitted in new builds or extensions
Floating floor system with high heat output: ideal for rooms which have existing flooring that require a bigger heat output

We install mostly Nu-Heat warm water underfloor heating systems. Nu-Heat is the UK’s largest supplier of underfloor heating, with systems in more than 60,000 homes around the country.