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One of the busiest times of the year for plumbers in Warninglid is winter, as this is the period when there will be calls from home owners whose pipes have burst in the cold weather. Burst pipes can be a real nuisance, and could end up causing flooding in your home or business premises, meaning you have to live elsewhere or stop trading until a Warninglid plumber has fixed the problem.

Fortunately there are several things you can do to minimise the chances of you needing to call out a Warninglid plumber to attend to burst pipes. These include the following:

  • having your pipes insulated with foam or electrical pipe insulation – this is particularly important for any pipework that is exposed to the outdoors or which feeds through the wall to outside
  • keep a tap gently running throughout particularly cold periods, as running water is less likely to freeze – however, you will need to weight up the costs of wasting this water versus the amount you’ll save by not having to call out a Warninglid plumber for burst pipes
  • if you find your pipes are already frozen, you can try to gently thaw them with a hairdryer. If they look damaged as well as frozen, don’t do this though, as you could end up making the problem worse – call out a Warninglid plumber straight away.