Plumber Three BridgesBathroom

As more and more homes in the Three Bridges area are beginning to have water meters, so local home owners are keen to find ways to save money on their water bills. There are lots of quick and simple ways in which you can save water in your home.

A good Three Bridges plumber will be able to give you advice on minimising your water consumption, as well as putting right any problems with your pipework that could be leading to higher water usage. For example, a dripping tap or a leaking pipe could be really adding to your water bills, as well as posing a risk of causing further damage in your home. So it pays to call a Three Bridges plumber to put right any problems like this as quickly as possible.

In addition to calling out your Three Bridges plumber, here are some more ways you can save water in your home:

  • have a shower rather than a bath each day – this uses much less water
  • have an egg timer in your shower to keep your shower times down to around 5 minutes
  • use a water saving shower head
  • if you need to water your lawn or flower beds, do this at night to reduce the amount of water that will evaporate
  • check your toilet flapper to ensure it isn’t allowing water to silently escape.