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Staplefield plumbers offer a wide range of services, covering everything from fixing a leaking tap through to installing whole new bathrooms. One time when you might feel the need to call out a Staplefield plumber is if you think there are problems with the galvanised steel pipes in your home.

The problem with galvanised steel

Some Staplefield homes were plumbed with galvanised steel pipes when they were first built. While galvanised steel can be an effective material for pipework, over time it does become prone to rusting and corroded. This can cause you various problems, ranging from discoloured water through to pipes developing leaks, which can seriously damage the fabric of your home.

Call a Staplefield plumber to replace the pipework

If you’re concerned about your galvanised steel pipes, it’s a good idea to call out a Staplefield plumber before they actually become a problem. This means you can take preventative action to minimise the risks of leaks or water discolouration. So if you’re carrying out other renovations, during which the pipework will be exposed, this can be a good time to have your Staplefield plumber replace the pipework. A good Staplefield plumber will be able to assess the pipework in your home, work out the best way to replace it, and give you a free itemised quote for carrying out the work.