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A leaking tap is often seen as an annoyance, but not a major plumbing problem. However, as some Southwick home owners have found out, if left unchecked a dripping tap can soon turn into a serious headache. That’s why it always pays to call out a Southwick plumber to look at a dripping tap, even if it seems like a very minor issue. At the very best, a dripping tap can cost you a significant amount of extra money on your water bills.

Why is your tap dripping?

There are various reasons that your tap could be dripping. These include the following:

  • worn out washers
  • failing seals
  • failing O-rings
  • or more serious problems in the pipework of your home.

Can you fix it yourself?

Most home owners are capable of repairing a dripping tap by turning off the water supply and disassembling the tap to find the problem. It’s important to put the plug in the plughole while you’re doing this, to remove the risk of small parts falling through the plughole. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that the problem has been correctly located and fixed, there is no substitute for calling on the services of a Southwick plumber. There are lots of plumbers in Southwick, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a tradesman who can help you.