Plumber SouthgateBathroom


It’s every home owner’s worst nightmare: you come downstairs in the morning to find your kitchen is flooded and water is pouring out from below your sink. In a scenario like this, you need to call a Southgate plumber, and quickly.

Turn off the water

Once you’ve called your Southgate plumber and arranged for them to come out, you should try to turn off the water at the stopcock, if you know where this is. This is an area where it really pays to know the internal geography of your home – if you can familiarise yourself with the location and operation of your stopcock, you could prevent significant damage from occurring while you wait for your Southgate plumber to come out.

Clear up as much water as you can

Once you’ve turned the water off, you should do what you can to mop up the water that is on the floor. This will make it easier for the Southgate plumber to get straight to work when they arrive at your home, and will also minimise the damage done to your floors, furniture and appliances. If the water is flowing near electrical appliances, you should also turn them off, if it is safe to do so.