Plumber Shoreham by SeaBathroom

Do you live in Shoreham by Sea? Are you getting worried about discolouration of water coming into your home? Many home owners in Shoreham by Sea, and across the UK, will experience some discolouration of water at some stage. If it starts happening in your home, the best thing to do is call out a Shoreham by Sea plumber as soon as possible.

A good Shoreham by Sea plumber will be able to help you work out the reason for the water discolouration. Reasons could include:

  • rust from galvanised steel or iron pipes – in which case your water will have an orange or brown hue
  • escape of resin beads from a water softener – this will normally show as a black residue in your water
  • blocked drains
  • old pipes degrading
  • the after-effects of essential maintenance work having been carried out by the water board – although if this is the case, you should be warned about it in advance.

Sometimes your Shoreham by Sea plumber may need to send a sample away for testing, but in the majority of cases whatever problem is causing discoloured water can soon be put right. This will mean you don’t need to worry about safety issues arising from the water in your home. So, for an answer to problems with water discolouration, call a professional Shoreham by Sea plumber today.