Plumber Pound Hill

Do you need a new boiler in your Pound Hill home? Whether you’re involved in a new-build project that needs a boiler installing, or you want to replace your old boiler in your existing home, the first step should be to call a Pound Hill plumber who’s also a Gas Safe registered engineer.

A professional Pound Hill plumber will be able to help you with all aspects of getting a new boiler, including the following:

  • working out the right boiler for you and your home, taking into account things like how much energy you use, when you use it and the structure of your home
  • recommending the best boiler choices for you on your budget
  • giving you a free, no-obligation quotation for the work – any good Pound Hill plumber should be happy to give you a quote for free
  • supplying the new boiler that you have chosen
  • expertly and safely installing the new boiler in your Pound Hill home
  • explaining to you how the new boiler and central heating controls work
  • safely disposing of your old boiler, if appropriate.

Because this is all very technical work, it involves a high level of skill and care to install a boiler safely. This means you should always check that your Pound Hill plumber is Gas Safe registered before you agree to let them begin work in your home.