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If you live in the Lancing area, you’ll know that the water coming into your home is hard water. Hard water can lead to limescale build ups within your homes, in places like:

  • the heating system
  • pipes
  • household appliances
  • showers and baths
  • and so on.

If hard water is an issue for you, then one thing you can do is call a Lancing plumber to ask about whether the installation of a water softener might be a suitable solution. Water softeners can be installed in many homes and use a process called ion exchange which can remove existing limescale build-ups, as well as preventing new ones from occurring. Many Lancing plumbers will fit water softeners in local homes, so it’s a good idea to ask yours if this is one of the services they offer.

If you have a water softener installed in your home by a local Lancing plumber, you’ll soon experience some of the following benefits:

  • you’ll need to use less washing detergents in your washing machine, dishwasher and washing up
  • your appliances will run more efficiently
  • your appliances and pipework will be less likely to break down or become damaged through the build-up of limescale.

So as you can see, a water softener which is fitted by a professional Lancing plumber really can bring many benefits to you and your home.