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One of the most common emergency call-outs received by Kemptown plumbers is for burst pipes. A burst pipe can happen at any kind of property and when it does it is usually a serious problem – a burst pipe could potentially mean the equivalent of around two full baths of water an hour can end up flowing through your home or business premises. It doesn’t take much work to imagine the untold damage this could cause. So if you discover a burst pipe at your property, call a Kemptown plumber out as soon as you possibly can.

Some of the most common reasons for burst pipes include:

  • pipes that have frozen, expanded and cracked in freezing weather
  • pipes that have been damaged, perhaps by building work or other contractors working nearby
  • faults in the pipework
  • pipes have simply grown old and reached the end of their useful life.

There are some simple things you can do to minimise the possibility of a burst pipe on your property. If you want to avoid having to call out a Kemptown plumber to fix a burst pipe, you could:

  • make sure any outside pipework and taps are well insulated, so they don’t freeze in cold weather
  • lag any piping in unheated areas such as a garage or loft
  • leave your heating on at least 12 degrees at all times during cold weather
  • fix any dripping taps or leaks as soon as possible, before they lead to a potential burst.