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If you’re the landlord of a property in the Ilfield area, you’ll know that one of your legal responsibilities is to keep the gas installations and appliances in your property safe for your tenants to use. This is where a good Ilfield plumber can help you, as many of them can carry out the required gas safety testing on your gas installations.

What’s involved

A gas safety check can be carried out by any Ilfield plumber who’s also a Gas Safe registered engineer, and will include the following tasks:

  • a gas pressure test on your boiler
  • a flue test to make sure no unsafe emissions are coming from your boiler
  • inspection of your boiler and controls to make sure they’re working properly
  • inspection of your heating system for corrosion and leaks.

If all of the above are deemed to be satisfactory, your Ilfield plumber will issue you and your tenants with a gas safety certificate, which is required by law.

Other things your Ilfield plumber can do

While your Ilfield plumber is carrying out gas safety checks, why not also use this as an opportunity to have your boiler and central heating system serviced? This can bring many benefits to you as a landlord, as it reduces the chance of your tenants calling you about problems with the heating and hot water, and could save you money in the long run.