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One of the fastest-growing areas of work for many plumbers working in and around the Hove area is the installation of under-floor heating. While under-floor heating is often seen as a ‘luxury’ option for Hove homes, it can actually represent a more efficient and effective way to heat your house, especially if you have wooden floors.

If you’re thinking about contacting a Hove plumber to install under-floor heating, here are some things to think about first:

  • check whether your preferred Hove plumber installs under-floor heating – not all plumbers do. If yours doesn’t, they might be able to recommend an alternative Hove plumber who does.
  • think about whether electric or water under-floor heating would be best. Water under-floor heating can offer better and more efficient performance, and can run off your existing central heating, but it is often more expensive and complicated to install
  • consider whether you want your Hove plumber to install a complete under-floor heating system in every room of your home, or if it’s just for rooms with hard floors like the bathroom.
  • consider other forms of central heating – under-floor heating might not be the best option for your home. For example, you might prefer having radiators that can double as heated towel rails or clothes driers. So think about your needs before you make a final decision. A good Hove plumber will be able to advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of different options.