Plumber Haywards HeathBathroom

A lot of plumbers working in the Haywards Heath area will advertise that they offer “general plumbing” services. Many customers don’t necessarily know what this means, but it basically means that your Haywards Heath plumber will take care of any job that involves the water supply into and around your house.

General plumbing could include any of the following work:

  • repairing leaky taps
  • mending or replacing taps that won’t work properly
  • identifying and putting right leaks in your home’s pipework
  • diagnosing the problem with a toilet that won’t flush or keeps filling up, and putting it right
  • fitting new taps, sinks, toilets, showers and baths
  • adding or changing pipework to accommodate new appliances like a dishwasher or washing machine
  • changing pipework to allow you to create a bathroom, utility room or kitchen in a different part of the house
  • diagnosing and repairing blocked pipes
  • call-out services for plumbing emergencies such as a burst pipe.

Of course, many Haywards Heath plumbers will also offer a range of additional services. For example, they may also carry out work on gas and central heating installations – in this case you would need to check that your Haywards Heath plumber is a Gas Safe registered engineer, as this is your proof that they’re qualified and skilled to safely carry out work involving gas.