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From time to time, many home owners in the Hangleton area will find that they need to call out a local plumber to attend to an emergency. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what constitutes a plumbing emergency, so you may be tempted to see if you can sort out the problem yourself first, rather than calling your Hangleton plumber.

In order to avoid confusion, if any of the following happen in your home, this is classed as a plumbing emergency and will need the expert attention of a Hangleton plumber:

  • you’ve found a leak or burst pipe that you’re not able to stop
  • you need to use the affected plumbing straight away – for example if your only toilet is blocked
  • if leaving the problem alone would cause more damage – for example, by flooding rooms of your home or causing structural damage
  • if an escape of water is affecting electrical appliances, which is a real danger
  • if you smell gas.

If you have any of these happening, then this is a genuine plumbing emergency and you should call out a Hangleton plumber as quickly as possible. Some Hangleton plumbers will make an emergency call-out charge – you can ask about this but be sure to weigh this up against the potential bigger costs you would face by not calling them out quickly and leaving the problem to fester.

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