Plumber BroadfieldBathroom

Calling out a Broadfield plumber in an emergency is something many home owners will have to do at some point. However, there are some simple things you can do to keep your Broadfield home’s water and heating systems in good condition, minimising the risk of needing to call out a Broadfield plumber:

  • don’t get rid of grease or food scraps from plates through the sink plug hole (unless it’s a garbage disposal unit) – eventually these large deposits could end up blocking the pipes, meaning you need to call on a Broadfield plumber to make your sink usable again
  • don’t flush things like baby wipes, cotton wool or other objects down the toilet – this may cause it to become blocked
  • have your boiler serviced and safety checked regularly by a qualified Broadfield plumber and gas heating engineer – this will help make sure it’s always functioning as efficiently as possible, and will mean any minor problems can be put right before they become a major headache
  • make sure your pipes are lagged – burst pipes can cause significant damage and inconvenience when the temperature hits freezing or below during the winter months
  • get to know your plumbing system – if you know the location of the main stopcock this will mean you can get to it and turn it off quickly in the event of a leak or burst, meaning you can minimise damage while you wait for a Broadfield plumber to turn up.