Plumber Broadbridge HeathBathroom

As most Broadbridge Heath home owners know, there are various kinds of plumbing emergencies that can arise in a house. These include:

  • burst pipes
  • frozen pipes causing bursts or other damage
  • a malfunctioning water heater
  • a toilet that won’t flush or stop filling up
  • a gas leak.

Of all the plumbing emergencies on the list, a gas leak is the most urgent and potentially the most dangerous situation, and you should always phone a Broadbridge Heath gas plumber as soon as you realise there is a gas leak. This is because an escape of gas can allow flammable fumes to build up, placing your home at risk of fire or even explosion. This means that as soon as you smell gas, you should get everyone out of the house straight away – don’t spend time trying to find the source of the leak yourself, because you may end up breathing in dangerous fumes.

Once everyone has been brought to safety, call your Broadbridge Heath plumber and inform them of your gas leak emergency. You can also inform your local gas company to tell them, but in reality a Broadbridge Heath plumber is likely to respond much more quickly.