Plumber BarberBathroom

If you’re looking for a plumber in the Barber area, it’s always important to make sure the people you hire are experienced, qualified and have a good reputation locally. While the vast majority of Barber plumbers deliver a good service to their customers, there are some cowboy outfits who may not deliver the quality of work or level of service you deserve.

Check your Barber plumber’s credentials

If a Barber plumber claims to have certain qualifications, it’s really important to ask to see evidence of these, such as certificates. A good Barber plumber will be happy to show you evidence of their skills. You could also ask to see evidence of recent work they’ve carried out or recommendations from other customers.

Choose an approved Barber plumber
One way to be sure of getting a good Barber plumber is to choose one who’s a member of the Watersafe Approved Plumber Scheme. This is a national scheme which plumbers can become members of and gives you assurance that your Barber plumber is competent to carry out the work required and has adequate insurance to cover the projects they undertake. Once a Barber plumber becomes a member of Watersafe, they have to agree to work to certain professional standards. If they fail to meet these, you the customer have the right to refer your complaint to the Watersafe scheme, who can provide an impartial resolution.