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Many homes in Warnham will come to the point where their boiler is past repair or boiler repair is no longer cost effective and it is time for the homeowner to consider the installation of a new boiler system. Fortunately Warnham has some good, trusted boiler installation companies that you can rely on to perform a quality installation but which system should you choose?

Which type of boiler installation should you choose?
There are three different types of boiler that are common to the UK market. These different boiler types are:

  • Combination (Combi) boilers are the most popular in the UK. If your Warnham property is smaller this space-saving, easy installation boiler could be your favoured option. They heat water only when a hot tap or shower is turned on so there is no need for a water storage tank.
  • System boilers heat water straight from the mains supply and store it in a water tank ready for use. The actual boiler unit is relatively compact but the system requires a water storage tank. If your Warnham home has more than one bathroom or has low water pressure a system boiler could be perfect.
  • Heat only or open vent boilers include a cold water storage tank plus a hot water tank to store heated water. They do take up a lot of space but if you have low mains pressure or multiple bathrooms this may be a good choice, especially if the boiler you are replacing was of this type.

A good Warnham boiler repair and installation engineer will be able to advise you on the best type for you.