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Winters in the UK are not kind to our boiler systems.  We depend on the smooth running of our boiler to ensure that our Steyning home is cosy and warm against the freezing temperatures outside.  We expect them to heat our homes day and night while outside icy winds, rain, sleet and snow rage on.

The weather can put a huge pressure on your boiler and unfortunately this constant use and the risk of freezing water in pipes will lead to many households in Steyning experiencing the distress of needing boiler repair work and even, in more severe circumstances, the installation of a new boiler.

Why should you service your boiler?

You will never be able to fully guarantee against a fault in your boiler but an annual service can help prepare the boiler for the winter months and avoid the need for repair, elongate the lifespan of your boiler and ensure it is working efficiently.

It is important to note that for safety reasons and to protect your boiler both in the short and long term, work should always be carried out by a boiler repair Steyning engineer who can demonstrate:

  • experience
  • testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Gas Safe or OFTEC registered

Within an annual service the certified Steyning boiler repair and installation engineer will ensure that every component within your boiler is working properly and effectively.  They will also ensure that it is burn through fuel at the expected rate and not causing unnecessarily high energy bills.