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It can be a big decision to proceed with a new boiler installation for your Staplefield home. The financial implications are significant and it is important to consider your options carefully.

How old is your boiler?
The age of your boiler is a key factor and often plays a crucial role in boiler breakdowns. Older boilers are vulnerable to corrosion, rust, the accumulation of debris and limescale. The cost and inconvenience of repairing a repeatedly failing boiler can quickly become a waste of time and money.

How efficient is your boiler?
Modern boilers are more efficient than ones manufactured and installed as recently as 10 years ago. High efficiency condensing boilers were installed from approximately 2004 and temperature control devices have developed ensuring that you have more control with how you heat each area of your house. This generally leads to lower energy bills.

Should you choose to install a new boiler installation?
Before you invest in a replacement and arrange for the installation of a new boiler, you need to know whether you’re getting the right type of boiler. A new boiler is an important investment. It is essential that you shop around and speak to as many boiler repair and installation companies working in Staplefield as possible.

There are many trustworthy, experienced and certified boiler installation engineers who also offer boiler repairs in Staplefield. But it is recommended that you do some online research, get multiple quotes and check the experience, expertise and testimonials of the boiler installation company before committing.