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If you discover that the boiler in your Southwater property is not working there are some simple checks that you may be able to safely complete to resolve the problem without relying on a certified Southwater boiler repair and installation company.

It will be important to stay within the limits of these basic checks to ensure the safety of yourself and your household, and to safeguard the warranty on your boiler.  Do not attempt to take off the outer casing of the boiler and always consult the instruction manual prior to undertaking even the most basic resolution to a boiler issue.

These initial checks include:

  • Has the fuse or the main circuit breaker board tripped and therefore needs resetting?
  • It may sound like a silly suggestion, but are you sure your timer is set to the right time? Similarly is your thermostat set to the expected temperature?
  • Does it make any difference when you hit the reset button or dial, usually displayed on the front of the boiler? Check your boiler’s manufactures instructions if this is not obvious.
  • Is your system pressure gauge or dial lower than 1 bar? You can try repressurising the system but do consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

If this has not helped you detect or resolve the fault then contact a Gas Safe certified Southwater boiler installation and repair company. They can use their expertise to safely diagnose the issue and undertake the boiler repair or if necessary the installation of a new boiler.