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Your boiler is the nerve centre of your home’s infrastructure and it is important to look after it responsibly for the safety and comfort of your household. The best way to guarantee peace of mind is to book an annual service by a certified Southgate boiler repair and installation company working in the area. This is important for a recent Southgate boiler installation as well as older models that are more susceptible to require boiler repair.

Do I have to service my boilers annually?

  • For any Southgate landlords it is a legal requirement to have an annual Gas Safe registered service.
  • For other property owners an annual service is generally a condition of the boiler warranty.
  • An annual service will ensure your boiler is safe and working at peak performance and less likely to require an unexpected and costly boiler repair in future months.

When should I have my boiler serviced?
The boiler will benefit from an annual service at any time of the year, but it is generally best to do it prior to the winter to ensure that it is in the best condition to handle another Southgate winter.

However financially it may be better to call a registered boiler engineer in the summer months as in their quieter months a boiler service can be less expensive. It will also be easier to book an appointment when the boiler engineer is generally in less demand.
The service is likely to last 30 minutes and will bring you peace of mind for the rest of the year.