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British winters can feel extreme, with freezing temperatures accompanied by icy winds, rain, sleet and snow. Heating your home under these conditions can put a strain on your boiler and many homes in Shoreham by Sea will experience the need for boiler repair work and possibly even the installation of a new boiler in the winter months.

Having to face the repair of a faulty boiler or the installation of a new boiler can be a financial worry and can cause stress within your Shoreham by Sea household. A boiler in need of repair can also make the house not fit to live in for safety reasons or simply because the property becomes uninhabitable due to the discomfort of the cold.

How well do you maintain your Shoreham by Sea boiler?
There is nothing you can do to guarantee against your boiler failing but an annual service on your boiler can help avoid the need for repair, elongate the lifespan of your boiler and ensure it is working efficiently for as long as possible, minimising the risk of you needing a new Shoreham by Sea boiler installation.

It is important to note that for safety reasons and to protect your boiler both in the short and long term, work should always be carried out by a boiler repair Shoreham by Sea engineer who can demonstrate the following credentials:

  • Experience of repairing your boiler type
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Gas Safe or OFTEC registered.