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If you find that your boiler has failed there are some common checks that you can safely complete yourself before contacting a boiler repair and installation firm to attend your Shipley Bridge property.

It is, of course, imperative that you consult the instruction manual of your boiler before attempting even the most basic resolution to a fault. Sometimes it is better to call out a Shipley Bridge boiler installation firm.

Basic checks include:

  • Check whether the fuse or the main circuit breaker board has tripped and needs resetting.
  • If your boiler has a reset button or dial, usually displayed on the front of the boiler, press or adjust this. Check your boiler’s manufactures instructions if this is not obvious.
  • The system pressure in boilers can run low and cause the boiler to stop working. If your pressure gauge or dial is lower than 1 bar, the boiler is likely not to function. It may be the sign of a leak in your system, but if no leak is visible you can try repressurising the system. Once again consult the manufacturer’s instructions and only attempt this if you are confident in what you are doing.

What happens if these basic checks do not help?
Once you have undertaken these initial, basic checks, it is important not to go further with your investigations but to contact a certified Shipley Bridge boiler repair or boiler installation engineer. The boiler repair professional will investigate the fault further, diagnose the problem and undertake the boiler repair or, in the worst case, the installation of a new boiler.