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If you own or rent a property in Salfords you will no doubt know the distress of having a boiler in need of repair.

The boiler in your Salfords home is a crucial piece of equipment. It controls the heating of your water system and your central heating. A cold shower even on a summer morning can be unpleasant however in colder weather the distress and disruption of a cold house caused by a broken boiler are considerable.

It will therefore be necessary to contact a certified Salfords engineer qualified in boiler repair and maintenance work swiftly in order to find the cause of the problem and to repair the boiler back to working order if possible.

Should I try to fix the boiler myself?
It is important not to try to attempt to repair your boiler without expert help. Do not even remove the outer casing by yourself. This could lead to problems with insurance and a more expensive repair ultimately being needed.

An accredited engineer from a Salfords boiler repair and installation company will be able to diagnose which mechanisms within the boiler have failed and need repair. In the event that a new boiler is necessary the boiler engineer will also be able to advise you on the boiler installation.

A qualified, reputable Salfords boiler installation and repair professional will be able to replace and repair the necessary parts and get your household enjoying hot water and heat again.