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Whenever you’re planning a new boiler installation in your Portslade property, it’s vital to ensure the tradesman you use is Gas Safe registered. This is a legal standard for gas engineers, and one of the reasons why it’s so important is because the legislation around minimum safe standards for boiler installation has changed over the years. So, if you had your existing boiler installed 15 or so years ago, it’s likely that other changes may be needed alongside the new Portslade boiler installation.

Some of the areas your Portslade boiler installation specialist will check include the following:

Boiler flues
Some older types of boiler flue arrangements are no longer permitted, so your boiler flue might need to be modified or replaced by your Portslade boiler installation company.

Gas supply pipes
If the gas supply pipes in your home are 15mm, they may need to be replaced and upgraded to 22 or 28m pipes. A good Portslade boiler installation engineer will be able to check the pressure in your system and upgrade the pipework if this is required. Sometimes you may also need to have your pipework upgraded if you’re having a higher output boiler installed.

Condensate drain pipe
Modern condensing boilers need a drain outlet for the condensing liquid that is produced. Therefore, if you’re replacing an old conventional boiler with a combi boiler, the Portslade boiler installation professional will need to add a new condensate drain pipe. They should also ensure it is properly lagged, to reduce the risk of freezing in the winter, meaning you don’t need to worry about calling out a Portslade boiler repair company during a cold snap.