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Is your boiler running out of steam?
Are you struggling to get enough hot water for a shower in the morning?
Is your home feeling cold, even though the heating is supposed to be on?

If any of these sound like you, it could be time for a new boiler. Of course many home owners will be tempted to find out if a boiler repair company in Horley can repair the problem, which is cheaper than a new boiler installation. However, if your boiler is very old or is repeatedly breaking down, this could be a sign you need to call a Horley boiler installation company.

Here are some other signs that it may be time to call on the services of a boiler installation firm in Horley:

  • if your boiler repair Horley professional has told you it’s not cost-effective to repair your boiler
  • if your boiler doesn’t have a high energy efficiency rating – an A-rated boiler installation could save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills
  • if you’re trying to sell your home – prospective buyers will always look favourably on a property that has a new boiler, as this should mean they don’t need to worry about budgeting for a new Horley boiler installation or have concerns about needing to call out a boiler repair Horley professional.