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When it’s time to have a new boiler installed at your Hickstead home, you will no doubt be keen to know how much it would cost. It’s easy to look up the cost of a new boiler, perhaps on the internet or by looking in a brochure. However, many people forget to factor in the other costs that can be incurred when you engage a Hickstead boiler installation to carry out this work for you.

A good Hickstead boiler installation firm will be able to give you a quotation based on your own unique circumstances, but as a rule of thumb you should remember that you will need to budget for the following:

  • removal and disposal of your old boiler
  • the work to install your new boiler, including any rerouting or addition of new pipework that may need to take place
  • the work needed to make good any damage caused to walls or floors through the addition of new pipework.

Of course, when you’re considering the cost of a boiler installation in Hickstead, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Having a new boiler will mean that the cost of your heating and hot water bills goes down, and so you will save money on your energy bills over time. A new boiler should also mean you have several years of good use without having to worry about calling out a Hickstead boiler repair firm because it has broken down.