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If a boiler installation company is working in your Haywards Heath home, one of the things you’ll need to check is how they will protect the walls, floors, fittings and furniture in your property while they’re working there. Boiler installation in Haywards Heath isn’t necessarily a messy job, but there can be some dust and litter created, so you should always check before you give the go ahead to a boiler installation professional.

Things to check with boiler installation in Haywards Heath
In particular, you should check:

  • how your Haywards Heath boiler installation professional will protect any exposed carpets around the area where the boiler is to be installed
  • whether they will make good any areas of wall or floor that have had pipework inserted through them
  • how they will protect any other exposed surfaces that could be affected while the boiler installation is being carried out
  • whether the Haywards Heath boiler installation company will clear up any litter that is created, for example through discarded packaging, and take it away with them, or whether you will be expected to dispose of it.

You should also check all these things if you’re calling out a Haywards Heath boiler repair company too.