Boiler Installation DitchingBoiler Installations

Modern boilers tend to be relatively compact and safe, meaning there are many different places you could choose for a boiler installation in your Ditching property.

These are some of the locations you could consider for your new Ditching boiler installation:

  • in the bathroom – where your boiler installation could be boxed into an existing or newly made cupboard
  • in the kitchen – which can work well as it means you’ll get hot water for washing up more quickly, because it has less distance to travel once heated
  • in a bedroom – this is perfectly safe, although some Ditching home owners would prefer not to have a boiler located in this place due to perceived hazards and concerns about the noise of its operation disturbing someone sleeping there. If you’re concerned about safety, you could always ask your Ditching boiler installation firm to add a carbon monoxide detector too.
  • in a garage or outbuilding – this can work perfectly well, but you will need to think about whether the boiler will get cold in the winter months, which could potentially lead to a breakdown that needs you to call a boiler repair Ditching company. You could consider having additional frost protection fitted by your Ditching boiler installation firm.

For advice on what might be the best location, speak to your local Ditching boiler installation firm today.