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Insulating your home or installing a new boiler can bring you untold benefits, but it can also be very expensive. The cost of a boiler installation in Crawley can run to thousands of pounds, for example. However, in the long term it’s likely to be a more cost-effective solution than constantly calling out an engineer for boiler repairs in Crawley.

If you’re struggling in a cold home but don’t have the money to pay for a new Crawley boiler installation, then there may be help at hand in the form of certain grants and schemes. Depending on whether you qualify, these can help towards the cost of a new boiler installation in Crawley, helping you and your family to stay warm in the colder months.

Help with the cost of boiler installation
Energy companies have certain legal obligations to help households on a low income to become more energy efficient, so sometimes this can mean providing a grant towards the cost of some or all of a boiler installation. You may be able to find out more about this through your local Crawley boiler installation company, but it’s likely that you’ll have to do your research and apply for anything you might think you’re eligible for yourself. Often you will need to be on certain benefits to quality for a free or reduced boiler installation. If you’re a landlord of a Crawley property, you may also qualify for a grant towards a new boiler, if your tenants are on certain benefits.

There may be other schemes that your Crawley boiler installation firm is aware of, including arrangements where you can have a new boiler and pay for it in instalments.